polk county divorce lawyer

Polk County Divorce Attorney

Polk County Divorce Attorney

The heartbreaking reality of divorce is not something anyone wants to consider when it comes to their marriage. Unfortunately, the state of Florida has one of the highest divorce rates in the nation, and in Polk County, 12% of families are divorced. These recent statistics, while showing a decreasing trend in households splitting apart, also brings to light the need for learning how to co-parent, communicate effectively, and take steps to protect your assets and rights should you and your spouse call it quits.

Divorce in Polk County

Despite being recognized as one of the best places to live in the Sunshine State, Polk County families may find the ideal neighborhoods, above average schools, and growing business opportunities as a springboard to start their personal lives afresh instead of remaining married. 

This populous county, with over a hundred metro areas set in tropical climates, has been a retirement hotspot for years. Additionally, life expectancy is rising, and married couples are finding the idea of two or more decades of retirement together a reason to reassess their long-term relationship plans. 

Qualities You Need in a Polk County Divorce Lawyer

When considering a significant life decision involving your family and marriage, such as divorce, you must speak with an experienced Polk County divorce attorney about your situation. Family law is a delicate subject and requires compassionate advice and skillful representation that prioritizes your best interest. 

Lawyers like Darla K. Snead will provide you with sound guidance based on over 20 years of practice involving numerous areas of legal focus, including:

  • Divorce
  • Paternity
  • Custody issues
  • Mediation
  • Spousal and child support
  • Parenting time

As a reputable Polk County Divorce Lawyer, Ms. Snead has assisted hundreds of families to find resolutions to their family legal issues. 

Eased My Anxiety

“My divorce was a very stressful and emotional time for me. Darla handled this matter very quickly and efficiently and was also very caring, which eased a lot of my anxiety.”  — Sandra C.

Fantastic Lawyer

Darla Snead is a fantastic lawyer. She genuinely cares for her clients and DOES NOT tack on excessive charges. Her and her staff are very professional and friendly. They are also very very efficient. I would recommend Darla Snead and her staff to anyone who wants to be represented fairly. Her experience shows in her work. — Mark

How Can a Polk County Divorce Attorney Help My Case?

For some couples, they begin divorce proceedings on speaking terms, hoping to work together and divorce as amicably as possible. When communication breaks down due to emotions running high on sensitive issues like custody or division of marital assets, working with a Polk County family law attorney to represent you often prove helpful. Having a legal professional that has a demonstrated history of successfully bringing divorce cases to a beneficial conclusion will also give you assurances in knowing that your family law issue is in experienced hands.

Some key benefits divorce attorneys provide their clients include:

  • Ease some of the emotional burden relating to divorce negotiations
  • Extensive knowledge of Florida divorce procedural rules and law
  • Experience with the different regional court system of your jurisdiction
  • Skilled in negotiating a divorce agreement that is fair to you

What are the First Steps Toward Divorce in Polk County?

To begin the process of divorce, your attorney will ensure that you meet the requirements of Polk County and the state of Florida and then file a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. This filing will outline any claims for property, custody, support, and other related issues you wish addressed in your divorce action.

Depending on your family circumstances, one of the following types of divorce would apply to your case:

  • Dissolution of Marriage with Dependent or Minor Child
  • Simplified Dissolution of Marriage
  • Dissolution of Marriage with No Dependent or Minor Child or Property
  • Dissolution of Marriage with Property but No Dependent or Minor Child

Typically, a process server will serve your spouse with papers outlining your demand. Once this happens, any requirements by the court and its procedural rules are in effect. If your marriage includes children, state law requires both parties to attend a 4-hour parenting course approved by the court.

Can Mediation Benefit My Case?

If you and your spouse are unable to communicate and focus on a fair resolution when divorcing, the process could take a long time to resolve and cost thousands in legal fees. A bitter parting of ways is also even more traumatic for your children, which makes it crucial to work with an experienced family law attorney when you attend mediation.

Mediation is a more affordable way to negotiate a divorce settlement, and many Polk County couples have found a light at the end of the tunnel going through this process. It is important to understand that a mediator cannot impose a settlement on one party to benefit the other.

You can trust family law attorneys like Darla K. Snead to listen, explain the consequences of conducting a drawn-out legal battle, and help you craft a divorce agreement that allows you both to move on so that your family can heal.

Trust Polk County Divorce Lawyer Darla K. Snead to Represent You from Start to Finish

The sensitive nature of family law issues surrounding divorce requires an experienced guide to help your family navigate emotionally explosive situations where parties cannot agree. You need a compassionate divorce lawyer that seeks to help you remain calm and make decisions based on sound reasoning and not out of hurt. This is why families in Polk County rely on attorney Darla K. Snead for representation in their divorce cases.

Ms. Snead does everything in her power to make negotiations productive while aggressively representing the current and future interests of her clients and their families. Rated as a Top Attorney on Avvo, she has proven her dedication time and again at the negotiation table and in the courtroom.

Get started now by reaching out to Darla K. Snead, P.L. Call the office or contact us online to take the first step.

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